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Empowering Healthcare Innovation

Guiding Healthcare Transformation

I provide unparalleled guidance and expertise to early-stage healthcare ventures, fueling the DESIGN, BUILD, and successful LAUNCH of transformative companies.

My work centers on advancing digital health, building scalable enterprises, prioritizing patient care, and driving creative innovation.  

I offer collaborative expert insights and can create and implement a plan to validate your clinical model for strategic growth and success.

Clinical Product Foundations Assessment

My assessment framework uses a standardized approach to comprehensively assess your clinical product or model. Through this detailed process, I create customized recommendations and a strategic roadmap for you to follow.

01. Comprehensive Product Assessment

  • First, I conduct structured meetings with key stakeholders to gather data about your organizational goals, clinical model, technology product, staffing structure, outcome measures, metrics, and data collection methodologies.

02. Gap Analysis

  • Next, I analyze the findings from the product assessment to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • I use my extensive expertise in population health, digital health, Medicaid, medical group formation, and rapid startup growth to develop actionable recommendations that address specific areas for improvement.

03. Strategic Roadmap

  • During our strategy session, I provide you with a list of recommended next steps and a preliminary strategic roadmap to implement.
  • We will discuss resource requirements and timelines for rapid, scientifically sound validation of your model.
  • At the end, you will be equipped with a detailed product review, gap analysis, actionable recommendations, scientific study design, and a strategic roadmap to achieve your company’s goals.

Fractional Chief
Medical Officer

Many early-stage companies require deep clinical expertise to build solid foundations, but hiring a Chief Medical Officer does not fit into their early-stage strategy. I thrive in the early-stage environment and take an agile approach to solving complicated problems.

01. Discovery

  • During discovery, I provide you with expert clinical analysis of your product and model.
  • I identify gaps in knowledge and facilitate connections with experts across the field so you can make informed decisions.

02. Design

  • As a highly creative, deeply connected physician leader, I bring new ideas to your team and iteratively assess the impact of various solutions.
  • I integrate my clinical expertise with agile design practices to create a product that prioritizes both quality and scalability.

03. Build

  • I use a compelling blend of data and patient stories to give your team credibility and to move hearts and minds of investors, payers, providers, policymakers, and other partners.
  • I help you successfully secure the anchor contracts you need to launch.
  • Using my deep understanding of the product and model, I help you build the foundational team to create a viable product from your concept.

Clinical Advisor or
Board Member

As a Board Member, I leverage my healthcare leadership experience to help guide strategy and decision-making, and to position your organizations for future challenges.

01. Strategic Guidance and Insight

  • I support founders and healthcare executives through a rapidly changing environment and lean on resiliency and purpose to adapt to challenges.
  • Through individual advisory work, I bring strategic insights from across the market to you and your team and offer a fresh perspective for problem-solving.

02. Network Facilitation and Regulatory Navigation

  • I leverage my extensive network and experience to connect you with expert counsel and other resources to solve challenging problems.
  • Using my background in health policy, I help you navigate regulatory complexities to ensure your compliance and success.

03. Transformative Growth Initiatives

  • I provide support and connections for corporate development initiatives and provide the credibility needed to unlock new growth opportunities.
  • Through my deep understanding of your product, I open doors for new strategic initiatives and revenue sources.

Empowering Healthcare Innovation

Guiding Healthcare Transformation

Alison Curfman, MD, provides unparalleled guidance and expertise to early-stage healthcare ventures, fueling the design, build, and successful launch of transformative companies. Her work centers on advancing digital health, building scalable enterprises, prioritizing patient care, and driving innovation creatively, all while offering collaborative expert insights and validating clinical models for strategic healthcare success.

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